A Gathering for Clergy and Congregational Leaders

Thursday, June 5, 2003
9:30am - 3:30pm

Charter Oak Cultural Center
21 Charter Oak Avenue
Hartford, CT

Contact: Allie Perry
(203) 865-6575 or (203) 757-4852

Registration Fee: $10 (Lunch provided) Please register with Allie Perry before Friday, May 30 For directions visit www.charteroakcenter.org

This one-day gathering sponsored by Reclaiming the Prophetic Voice will focus on two themes/questions: 1) How are we called to continue raising a faith-based voice for peace, justice and nonviolence? 2) How do we create the space for dialogue within our faith communities?
This gathering will not feature any keynote speakers. Rather, we envision a day of: a) relationship-building: sharing our struggles to remain faithful to the calling of prophetic witness; b) collective discernment of next steps for a faith-based peace movement in CT; and c) sharing ideas and developing tools/resources for facilitating dialogue within our congregations.
As part of this discussion, we will build upon our recent "One War, Two Faces" event in which we highlighted the connections between military spending abroad and issues of injustice here at home. We believe this represents one potentially fruitful framework for discussion within our faith communities: "What are the local effects of a permanent war economy? Is this a faithful use of our resources?"
This event will coincide with "Opening of the Heart", a month-long photo exhibition at Charter Oak Cultural Center featuring the work of the Compassionate Listening Project in Israel/Palestine.